ECA Sessions

Day: Wednesday
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: UBD Sports Complex (Opposite Tennis Court)

Map of Universiti Brunei Darussalam
What to wear and what to bring:
  • Your own table tennis bat
    If you do not own one yet, recreational bats for new players are provided by the club.
  •  Sports wear- comfortable loose fitting and sports shoes.
    A pair of good sport shoes is important as you are expected to move, start and stop without twisting your ankle. You are also bending down to pick the balls, so get the right garments- loose and comfortable! 
  • Yourself !
    Enjoy the game ahead! We will have friendly committee members to entertain you!
Other activities/events
  • Handicap Tournaments. (What is this?)
  • Training Scheme
  • UBD Table Tennis Championship
  • Various tournaments organized by BATTA(Brunei Amateur Table Tennis Association)
Please do not hesitate to refer to the committee members for more updated information.

Results for Previous Selections and Tournaments.